Covering all Aspects of Roof Repairs and Refurbishments in Wokingham, Berkshire

Even the sturdiest of roofs are prone to damage from time to time, if a problem arises, make sure it’s effectively taken care of with the team at Roof Top Roofing Ltd.  Working across Wokingham, Berkshire and surrounding areas, our experienced team offer a range of roof repairs and refurbishments. From general maintenance and leadwork to re-pointing and chimneys, our skills are vast and effective, designed to protect your roof from damage.

Repairs and Refurbishments

Roofs are built to last, but over time, weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances can cause damage. Even the smallest leak could prove a massive issue for your property, becoming costly to resolve.

Here at Rooftop Roofing, we can offer a same-day service, providing our expertise and performing all types of fixings to ensure your roof regains its solidity. Our expertise means we can work on a range of roofs, including flat, lead, tiled, and many more.


Lead roofs offer sturdiness, proving the perfect fit for many commercial and industrial buildings. Our team are experts at installing and repairing sheet lead and fitting specific contours, with the materials being cost-effective, reliable, and long-lasting.

Our experts are fully qualified, insured, and certified to utilise specialist materials and tools, with each job protected and guaranteed to give you peace of mind about your tailored roofing solution.


Re-pointing looks at renewing the finish between the bricks or stone used on your building, proving the perfect solution for roofs and joints that have become damaged by weather or decay.


We use coloured mortar to fill in the spaces and give the re-pointing a flawless finish. Re-pointing gives your building a new lease of life, ensuring it stands the test of time.

Chimney Repairs

The chimney is an imperative part of the structure and aesthetic of your home, but damage can strike at any time in many different forms.

Our team will provide repairs to make sure your chimney operates correctly and is structurally sound, quickly diagnosing the issue. We then use the best tools to reinforce the structure, eradicating the chance of future breakages or damage.

Free Quotes and Advice

We provide you with a free quote and expert advice based on your specific roofing repair and refurbishment requirements.


Waste no more time, ensure you deal with an issue as soon as it arises, to ensure minimal damage and costs.

Contact our experts here at Rooftop Roofing Ltd, Wokingham Berkshire, for roof repairs and refurbishments.

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