Roof Maintenance and Moss Removal Services for Properties in Wokingham, Berkshire

Making sure that your roof is in a good condition is always important, to avoid damage to your home both inside and out.
Roof Top Roofing Ltd work on properties across Wokingham, Berkshire, providing 20 years of roof maintenance work. We specialise in moss removal, utilising the most effective techniques to remove the unwanted plants safely with no damage to your roof.

Our Moss Removal Work

Moss is a menace on your property, not only to its aesthetic, but it also leaves your home prone to long-term damage internally and externally. 

Moss is extremely difficult to remove, due to how it burrows through the cracks and crevices of your property, which means more work needs to be done than simply brushing it off the surface.

Our dedicated team offer an unrivalled service, utilising their training, knowledge, experience, and quality equipment to safely and confidently remove moss from a variety of roofing systems.

Free Quotes and Advice

The work is created to be effective and affordable, with free quotations and expert advice to make sure your roof is restored to its former glory as quickly as possible and at a price that suits you.

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Got moss on your roof? Contact us for a free quotation on the moss removal service we provide for commercial and domestic properties across Wokingham, Berkshire.

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